RVG or Digital radiogrphy is a form of X-ray imaging. This method enables to take a precise and quick image using a small digital sensor. With this method only a small area of  the patient´s body is irradiated and the image is displayed on the screen where it can be further examined by the dentist.

OPG (ortopantomogram) is a clearly arranged X-ray image which depicts both of the jaws. We use this type of image by the entrance examination and then in regular intervals to reval a tooth decay, periodontosis, a position of wisdom teeth and inflammation.

U pacientů s vysokou kazivostí zhotovujeme po 1 roce snímky bitewing k podrobnému zobrazení mezizubních prosto a odhalení mezizubního kazu. Pokud pacient nepoužívá mezizubní kartáček, je riziko jeho vzniku vysoké.

OPG bitewing