Surgical treatment

One the most common surgical procedures in our surgery is tooth extraction. There are several reasons for that, e.g. when the tooth is vastly destroyed by a tooth decay and it is not possible to recover it with a filling or a crown. In case of advanced periodontitis, because of which teeth don´t hold in a tooth bed, they are loose and cause pain, inflammation or a swelling. Another reason for a tooth extraction could be an unfavourable placement of wisdom teeth which could cause a gum inflammation (in a stage of teething) or a compression of teeth in a down frontal part.


Equalisation is a surgical treatment of dental protrusions (exostosis). Exostosis could represent an obstacle to a creation of a dental prosthesis or cause discomfort when wearing a prosthesis.


The frenulum is a mucosal fold which connects an upper lip with a gum near upper incisors.

Frenectomy is a minor surgical treatment which consists in cutting or removing the frenulum which decreases a negative effect on gums as well as on the tooth attachment apparatus e.g. diastema (the gap between middle incisors) or a faster advancement of the paradentosis in an old age. The whole procedure lasts just a few minutes and it is carried out in a local anaesthesia.