Teeth whitening

Pigments in upper layers of dental enamel are being disrupted during this treatment, which makes the colour of your teeth more transparent and bright.

There are two possibilities for teeth whitening: surgery whitening and home whitening.

We use a preparation called Opalescence for both surgery and home whitening and we recommend the whitening toothpaste of this brand as well due to our own and our patient's experiences.

1. Surgery teeth whitening

Surgery teeth whitening using Opalescence takes approximately 1,5 hours and can be repeated if needed. Efficacy stated by the producer is at least 2 standardised VITA shades but according to our experiences, the result is different for every patient. Nevertheless, the brightening effect is instant and lasting by everyone.

Outstanding results are achieved after already two 20-minutes applications, which are carried out during one visit in our surgery. Surgery teeth whitening is carried out by the dentist, who provides a protection of gums and other sensitive parts of your teeth. The dentist then applies the whitening gel. After twenty minutes of action, the whole process is repeated. This process has to be done at least for times.

After the whitening, you will be instructed in so called ,,White diet”. During this diet, which lasts 48 hours, you have to avoid any meals with distinct colouring, coffee, tea, red wine and smoking.

2. Home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening using opalescence last optimally 2 to 3 weeks.

Home whitening is suitable in combination with surgery whitening in case the patient wants an even lighter shade of teeth colour after the surgery whitening.

Home whitening is being done using individually made carriers. We produce these carriers in a laboratory using thin plastic film and plaster cast made according to the patient teeth imprint. Whitening preparation is then applied directly from the syringe into the carrier. Thanks to the sticky consistency, the gel will not leak out of the mould and tissues in a mouth cavity will not be irritated.

Another possibility is to use over-the-counter prefabricated carriers.

A disadvantage of home teeth whitening is necessity of ,,White diet” during the whole treatment (approx. 1 to 2 weeks)

Surgery teeth whitening is both effective and gentle to the dental enamel and gums . We recommend it to patients with reconstructed teeth.