A modern approach in teeth defects filling.

An untreated tooth decay can damage a dental tissue so vastly that an artificial material has to be used to fill up an empty space after the decayed mass removal. A standard solution in these cases is to use one-layer fillings (e.g. Amalgam, Glass Ionomer or Photo Composite filling). In medically indicated cases – e.g. A tooth decay close to the dental pulp – we use a modern approach in application of two-layer fillings, so called sandwich fillings.

A deeper layer consists of a glass ionomer cement which properties tally with the natural enamel ones. It bonds with this tissue by a chemical bond which grants a stable and firm link as well as a source of fluoride ionts, vital for an optimal dentin hardness.

An upper layer consists of a photo composite filling with its excellent resistance to the abrasion and a decent aesthetic outlook. Optimal results are reached by a multiphase application during two sittings in the course of few days. The result is a filling which doesn´t irritate the dental pulp and therefore it less likely leads to future complications.

Inform yourself about this new method by your dentist.